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Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Click here for a definition of this term Advisor: Candice Snowden Click here for a definition of this term Who Can Apply?: UMA only - non-UMA students consult your study abroad office
Click here for a definition of this term Fields of Study: Anthropology, Art, Asian & Asian American Studies, Dance, Religion, Sociology, Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Click here for a definition of this term Program Options: Independent Study, Service Learning
Click here for a definition of this term Key Word Search: Asian Studies, Budget Friendly, Culture Studies, Experiential Learning, Interdisciplinary, Peace & Conflict Studies, Program Scholarships Available, Urban Studies Click here for a definition of this term Host Institution: Christ College
Click here for a definition of this term Language(s) of Instruction: English Click here for a definition of this term Minimum GPA: 2.5
Click here for a definition of this term Program Provider: USAC Click here for a definition of this term Program Type: Study Abroad
Click here for a definition of this term In Classes With: Mostly Host Country Students Click here for a definition of this term Minimum Class Standing: Junior, Senior, Sophomore
Click here for a definition of this term Housing: Apartment, Residence Hall
Program Description:
Study in Bangalore (Bengaluru), India
  •  Study complex issues of gender, health, class, and human rights, and explore the rich linguistic, literary, and cultural traditions of India on the campus of one of the finest educational institutions in the country.
  • Take advantage of volunteering opportunities in places such as a paper-recycling plant or tutoring center with the Centre for Social Action, a student-run service organization.
  • Join the optional Southern Tour to explore the backwaters of Alleppey on a houseboat, tea gardens in Munnar, and the old town of Kochi. 
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Quick Details
Available Terms
Two summer sessions
Fall or Spring semester

Programs Of Study
Health and Society

Language of Instruction

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Program Overview

The Bangalore program offers students the opportunity to study a wide variety of subjects in the humanities, business, information technology and Indian cultural studies while living in one of the most fascinating and interesting regions of India. It is an ideal place to learn how a technological and business revolution is transforming traditional Indian society into a fast-paced hybrid of East-West life. Its location in India's Silicon Valley also makes it an excellent spot for networking and developing contacts with companies involved in software and business outsourcing.

USAC students integrated into the college atmospere have many opportunities to experience the culture, learn about the country and make friends. Volunteer opportunities are available as well as college sports, clubs and association activities.

You may participate in one of the following:

1. Christ College Fall: this semester program runs from June to November following the academic calendar in India. During this semester students will be directly enrolled at Christ College and transcripts will be issued from Christ College.

2. Christ College Yearlong: this yearlong option is a combination of Christ College Fall and Spring that runs from June to April. During this semester students will again be directly enrolled at Christ College and transcripts will be issued from Christ College.

3. Christ College Spring: this semester program is typically a continuation for yearlong students that runs from November to April (second semester), but can also be a semester only option. During this semester students will be directly enrolled at Christ College and transcripts will be issued from Christ College.

4. USAC Spring Semester: this semester program runs from January to May, mirroring the U.S. academic spring semester. The courses offered during this term are administered by USAC and taken mostly by other USAC students. Transcripts will be issued from a USAC Member university.


India is the seventh largest country in the world, and with 1.1 billion people, it's the second most populated. It is a country of contrasts--its slums in Calcutta rival those found in the poorest nations, but it also is home to some of the world's greatest palaces, temples and monuments, including the immortal memorial to love, the Taj Mahal. It is the birthplace of Buddhism and yoga, and has the world's largest secular democracy.

Almost a thousand languages and dialects are used in India, including Hindi, the predominant language. English is spoken throughout much of the country and Christ College functions entirely in English.

Bangalore (Bangaluru) is in the state of Karnataka, which is the entrance to the deep south of India. Karnataka has extraordinary historical and cultural sites such as the ruins of the once powerful Vijaynagar empire, the medieval monuments at Bidar and splendid dome of the Golgumbaz in Bijapur. Karnataka is famous for its sandlewood, incense, spice and flower markets and towering gopura temples adorned with Hindu gods and goddesses. Its landscapes range from palm-fringed coastal regions and forested mountains to dry plateaus. Two of India's greatest rivers, the Krishna and Tungabhadra, cross Karnataka on their way to the Bay of Bengal.

With approximately 10 million people, Bangalore is the fifth largest city in India. It was founded in the sixteenth century by a Hoysala king, and throughout much of its history, it was ruled by the maharajas of Mysore. Today, it is the capital of Karnataka and one of India's most modern cities with malls, bargain shopping centers, espresso shops, nightclubs and multi-cuisine restaurants. Its abundance of parks and gardens, many built by the British Raj, has earned it the nickname Garden City. It is also endowed with a pleasant sub-tropical climate (55°-80° F).
Situated 3,000 feet above sea level on the Mysore Plateau, it tends to have mild winters. March through May is the warmest season and most of the rain falls between June and September.


Christ College Course Information

Visit the USAC website for the numerous course offerings at Christ College.

Course methodology includes lectures, tutorials, group discussions, student projects and presentations. Assessment includes a mid-term and a final, as well as assignments, quizzes and case studies. Professors in India are regarded with the highest level of respect, and the campus culture of Christ College reflects this.

Most courses are 3 credits with four hours a week of lecture, Monday-Saturday. You are required to maintain a minimum of 75% attendance or you will not be permitted to take the final exam. Some courses may be only 2 credits, and some may be 4 to 6 credits. Students may enroll in a total of 9 to 12 credits.

USAC Spring Semester Course Information

Students are registered through one of the USAC Member universities, using course titles and numbers appropriate to each institution; so you should check with your home university advisor or USAC Central Office Enrollment Services for course equivalencies. For simplicity, we have employed generic course titles and numbers in this publication.

Courses numbered 100 and 200 are lower-division, 300 and 400 courses are upper-division, and 400/600 courses have a graduate credit option. If you are interested in enrolling in a 400/600-level course for graduate credit, contact the USAC Central Office for more information, prior to your departure.

You may choose courses from any area. However, the list of courses is subject to minor changes and course availability is subject to student interest and enrollment.

You must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours, although a maximum of 15 credit hours may be taken per semester. While your desire to do it all is understandable, you will want to have time to experience the area's culture and develop friendships with locals.

Living Arrangements

Students are housed in the National Games Village (NGV) located In Koramangala ? an IT, shopping and residential hub within a 25-30 minute commute via walking or auto-rickshaw to Christ College. Its broad, tree-lined streets host shops, parks, temples, cafés and restaurants. NGV was once home to Indian athletes competing in the National Games and is a gated complex that houses a clubhouse, ATM, café, fieldhouse, clay tennis courts and pool with a natural foods market and café across the street.

Apartments typically have three bedrooms with a kitchen, two bathrooms, a shrine, patios and living room. Each is fully furnished with linens, beds, desks, refrigerator, washing machine, ceiling fans and a television; however, students will need to bring or purchase some items. Students can expect to share double rooms with other USAC students or international students. For an additional charge, students can request a single room, subject to availability.

Students can choose to eat on campus, cook for themselves, or explore the inexpensive local cuisine. Traditional Bangalore cuisine consists of dishes seasoned with coconut, chili, and garam masalas. The coffee, steamed rice cakes (idli), rice and lentil crepes (dosas), are some of the best in India. For the crowd on the go, the Koramangala area also has gelaterias, fast food restaurants and pizzerias.

Getting around Bangalore is easy and inexpensive. It has an abundance of motorized rickshaws that, unlike many other places in India, are metered. There is also a good bus system with a campus bus stop, although local buses tend to be crowded. As a major transportation hub, it also provides convenient access to many other parts of India via train, bus or domestic air. 

Steps to Apply to this Program:

  1. Come into the advising center to meet with a peer counselor and set up an appointment with a program advisor. The advising center is located in 455 Hills South and is open from 10-4 Monday through Friday.
  2. Please note that since this is a partner program, you are required to complete two applications - the program specific application found on their website, and the UMass online application which can be started here .  Don't forget to check on the specific deadlines for this program as they will differ from the deadlines for your UMass application. 
  3. Remember, only UMass Amherst applicants can apply to this program.

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year UMass/IPO Application Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2020 11/15/2019 ** Varies 01/07/2020 05/08/2020

** Indicates rolling admissions.

If you are applying to a partner program, you must check their website for ACTUAL APPLICATION DEADLINES. The posted deadline above indicates when your UMass Abroad application materials are due and the program’s deadline may be sooner.